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Christmas Treats

Christmas Treats

Cut off for Pre-order
Satuday, 13 November

Cut off for all orders
Wednesday 15th December

Xmas Eve 24th December
Between 9am - 12pm 


Can I order via Direct Message on Social Media?

No, all orders must be placed via our website. 

Can I just pop in and buy cakes or cookies?

As we are a custom cake studio all our products are made fresh for each order. If you are needing a cake in a short turn around, please contact via email to see if design can be accommodated.

How do I order online?

There are several ways to go into our online shop. You can click the shop now button on the top right of the page or you can scroll through the home page, or our shop section and view certain highlighted products from the shop page. If a product sparks your interest simply click the shop now page. Cakes by Laura also has a blog like feature on the home page where we will constantly update you of any new products/information we would like YOU to know, from here you are also able to jump to the shop page easily. 

In the shop page you can browse the items by category or simply scroll down and use the page navigation to view the items you desire. 

To choose an item, simply click on one of the items and select the preferences you desire. 

Once you have chosen the preferences ( Size, Flavour, Topping, Finishing - If applicable) proceed to add to cart. If you would like to continue shopping you can click the shop more button or you can proceed to the checkout by clicking the checkout button highlighted in pink. If you would like to review your cart you can do this by clicking the shopping cart icon on the top right of the page and click view cart. 

In the View Cart page you are able to review the products you have chosen or add the quantity or remove the product you have chosen. Once you are happy with your cart you can also proceed to the checkout from here by clicking the "proceed to checkout". 

In the checkout Page, it is mandatory to enter your billing details and you must choose whether you want the cakes, sweets, treats, gifts and more to be delivered or if you want to pick up the goods yourself. If you choose delivery, you must add your postcode and the system will automatically add the delivery cost to your total. Once you have finished doing so, proceed to click the PAY NOW button and you will be redirected to the payment gateway to enter your credit card details. 

If you are having any issues on how to shop with us, feel free to contact support at

Happy Shopping!
Cakes By Laura 


When requesting availability of a date/time what does it mean?

When we are asked about if a date or time is available, it does not mean it is confirmed. You need to place the order via our website, we then send you invoice and then the payment needs to be made for the date to be confirmed.

How to order gift boxes or sweets by mail ?

You can shop online with us. 

Please do not direct message us on social media for you orders with Cakes By Laura. You will need to contact us via the website for all orders updates and communications.

What are your business hours?

Our office business hours differ from our baking hours. Office hours are from 9am - 3pm. I am busy creating during baking hours and am not always on social media. Messages can be missed, so therefore all orders and communications are via website system. Emails and website orders are replied to within 24 hours by our office.

Can i request a delivery times

Delivery times cannot be requested. Should the cake be required early in the morning it is recommended that delivery be arranged the day prior

Can I request a delivery time?

We often get asked about requesting delivery times. The reason you cannot request this is that delivery times are set due to scheduling and location. Please ensure someone is home to accept the delivery. If you are not home, the order will be left at the door.

Do I have to order cakes strictly from your website ?

Please do not direct message us on social media for you orders with Cakes By Laura. You will need to go to or if you would like to request a quote for a custom cake order. 

Do you do tastings?

Yes, tasting cakes are baked to order, one week notice is required for these. Sample boxes can be arranged with 3 - 6 flavours. Please contact us for prices. 

Can I make an appointment to order a cake ?

Once an approx price has been established and date availability has been confirmed a consultation can be scheduled. Time of consultation is 30 min. 

Do you deliver ?

We can deliver your cake, delivery fee is calculated on the distance travelled. If your cake requires assembly on site, this cost will be factored in. 

How do I store the cake ?

Our fondant cakes have been shelf life tested at an accredited food laboratory.
Cakes are best stored at ambient/room temperature 23c. 
In the warmer weather store cakes near air conditioning to keep cool. 
Fondant cakes are not stored in the fridge, as this will ruin the fondant once taken out.  Store in a cool place away from heat and direct sunlight. 
Cut with a knife dipped in hot water for a clean cut.

What is a coffee and dessert portion?

A coffee portion is 2.5 cm  x 2.5 cm x height of the cake, typically known as a finger slice. Dessert portion 2.5 cm x 5 cm x the height of the cake. Our cake height is approx 6 inches.

I'm not sure what size cake I need ?

Cake sizes are calculated on an industry standard to ensure you have enough cake.  If you have a main dessert as part of your menu, then a coffee serve is required. If you have no other desserts or sweets offered a main portion is required. If a dessert table is being arranged a coffee portion is required as your guests may enjoy other treats as well. This is a guide as to how cake is serve and calculated, however if you prefer to have left over cake, serve a larger portion or would like the cake to be all eaten by the end of your event please let us know so cake sizes can be adjusted. We are not responsible for the cutting of cake at your venue

How long can I keep the cake after my event ?

All our cakes are baked as needed so super fresh for each order, at the end of your event any left over cake can be stored at room temperature for approx 7 days or up to 2 weeks in the fridge. Alternatively it can be cut into portions and frozen for up to 6 months to be enjoyed another day. 

How do I cut the cake ?

All mud cakes should be cut with a hot knife to give the cleanest cut. 
Simply dip either knife ( straight edge or serrated) into boiling water, wipe off excess water and cut cake. If you would like cutting instructions please let us know. 

Can I have a different flavour for each tier ?

Of course you can! This gives you and your guests the opportunity to enjoy more than one flavour. This is at no extra cost. 

Can I buy your hand made figurines ?

Unfortunately no, all our hand made figurines are made strictly for our custom cakes.

Do you organise custom toppers ?

Yes, we do. A deposit is required for any custom topper to be ordered as there are no returns on these should you change your mind. 2- 3 weeks notice is required.

I would like fresh flowers on my cake, do you organise these?

We work with a reputable florist, choosing only a premium flowers. 
Not all flowers are suitable for cake, contact us for further information, colours of all flowers may vary on availability and seasons.

Do you do favours ?

Yes, we do. We love matching favours to your cake for you guests, there are many options ! Cookies, cake pops, macrons, mini cakes just to name a few. The benefit from having the same company make your favours and cake is that all colours and design elements will match.

Do you arrange dessert tables ?

We make lots of treats for dessert tables, to compliment your cake, and cater for your guests. However we do not style them.

Can you do gluten or nut free cakes, one of my guests has an allergy ?

No, we are not an allergy friendly kitchen. We have several different types of flour and nuts, eggs etc in our kitchen. While great care is taken, it cannot be guaranteed that products are allergy friendly. We recommend that anyone with an allergy not consume our products.

Can I get my deposit back if I need to cancel.

Deposits are a confirmation that you would like to proceed. Deposit is non refundable, should you need to reschedule the event a credit note will be issued which can be used for other events. Christmas, Easter, Mother’s Day etc.


Cakes By Laura is not responsible for cakes once they leave the studio or after they have been delivered to the venue.

Cake should be placed flat in the boot of the car or FLOOR of the front/back seat. 
Cakes should not be transported on the front seat as the angle may cause damage to the cake structure and any figurines on top. 

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12 Days Of Christmas Cookie Set
Christmas Treats

12 Days Of Christmas Cookie Set

Handcrafted 12 Days of Christmas Cookie Set
12 Novelty Individually Wrapped Cookies
Christmas Treats

12 Novelty Individually Wrapped Cookies

From $ 5
12 vanilla novelty cookies individually wrapped as a set design.
Apple and Cranberry Fruit Tarts
Christmas Treats

Apple and Cranberry Fruit Tarts

Apple and cranberry fruit tarts Made entirely from scratch
Christmas Cake Bar
Christmas Treats

Christmas Cake Bar

Deliciously moist, and made the old fashion way, soaked in orange liqueur, baked to perfection and topped with a thin layer of fondant.
Christmas Cakesicles
Christmas Treats

Christmas Cakesicles

From $26
Our delicious chocolate mud cake cakesicles will be loved by all. Did you know these make the most fun place setting for the Christmas table.
Christmas Cookie Jars
Christmas Treats

Christmas Cookie Jars

6 Vanilla Cookies embossed with Merry Christmas. Colours: Red, Green & White
Christmas Gift Box
Christmas Treats

Christmas Gift Box

If fruit cake and plum pudding chocolates are not for you, then this box of delicious treats inspired by chocolates is!
Christmas Macarons
Christmas Treats

Christmas Macarons

From $18
Christmas Macarons, Available in Red, White & Green
Christmas Rocky Road
Christmas Treats

Christmas Rocky Road

From $25
Always a favorite to share with your loved ones. Our Rocky Road is like no other, with unique flavor combinations that will leave you wanting one more bite. The perfect gift for anyone.
Cookie Tree Wrapped in Cello
Christmas Treats

Cookie Tree Wrapped in Cello

Cookie Tree Wrapped in Cello. Choose vanilla cookie or Gingerbread
Christmas Treats


Home made flaky pastry dusted in icing sugar.
Gingerbread House
Christmas Treats

Gingerbread House

Fully Iced gingerbread house with reindeer, tree and snowflake cookie.

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